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Intellego Technologies ("I understand" in Latin) and its sister companies provide consulting, scientific research, and application development in three areas.

Solar Energy

Intellego's sister company SolarCasters offers site design, performance modeling, yield estimation and other scientific and engineering support services to the commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic energy industry. Contact SolarCasters at the address and phone below or SolarCasters has done performance modeling, commissioning, or irradiance prediction at sites with a combined capacity of more than 700 MW.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Intellego staff have extensive experience with all major machine learning algorithms including: decision trees and random forests, Bayesian networks, SVN and other classifiers, natural language processing (including word vectors), neural networks and deep learning.

Scientific and Engineering Applications Software

We offer a full range of development services from requirements analysis, to specification writing, coding, testing, and deployment. Our primary development languages are Java and Python, although we can provide services in most other major languages. Web, PC, and cloud applications (including Big Data tools) are all within our expertise, however we restrict product development to scientific and engineering applications. We do not take on social media or most retail projects.

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